My feelings on Haven, Supernatural and Why Some Characters Deserve a Happy Ending

Part 1
Some characters just aren’t meant to have a happy lot in life. Maybe I just watch too much TV or care too much about the characters in my favorite TV shows. But I think anyone who has a favorite show they’ve watched for longer than 6 months knows what I’m talking about. You know they’re just made up people who don’t actually live in our world; but the writing and the acting is so good, sometimes you forget you’re watching people act on set for your entertainment. As one of my favorite shows Haven, comes to a close next week, I find myself pondering a simple question. Do characters in a dark TV series ever get to have a happy ending? If they do, is this a good thing? If they don’t is that a bad thing? Is there anything in between those two extremes?
From the way tonight’s  episode went I feel like no one’s going to get a happy ending.
*Spoilers follow*
Duke may stay Croatoan for good, Nathan could be dead (though I doubt he is at least right now) and Audrey will be devastated and possibly alone. It has me feeling like I do when I watch Supernatural. I love the mythos that the writers and actors have created in this show. I love how dark and funny the show is. I’ve watched Supernatural for many years and I’ve noticed a few patterns over the years. One of them is that Sam and Dean no matter what they do, or who they come to care about, they can never really stop hunting, nor can they ever have a normal happy life.
This bugs me a lot. It’s not that I want Supernatural to become all sunshine and puppies. I would hate that, and it would alienate the strong fanbase the show has managed to cultivate. Watching Sam then Dean then Sam again, get a small almost nonexistent chance at happiness, only to have it ripped away from them, hurts. It makes me wish they could stop hunting if only for a little while or find a balance between the two.
As someone who watches way too much TV and a lot of sci-fi and supernatural shows I know this is never going to happen. The only time Sam and Dean might get a chance at permanent happiness is when Supernatural ends for good. Even then the chances seem slim. Why? Because the characters aren’t written like that and the world isn’t constructed that way. Sam wouldn’t be Sam if he wasn’t bemoaning his fate or feeling guilty for not telling Dean his real motives. Dean wouldn’t be Dean without the Impala, his love of rock and roll and his unwavering faith in his family.
These two not getting a happy ending is what makes this show so powerful and heartbreaking to watch. It wouldn’t have nearly the same impact if Dean had stayed with Lisa and Ben back in season 8. Things would have ended very differently in season 2 if Dean hadn’t made a bargain with a demon to bring Sam back from the dead. The brothers saving each other over and over again is a pattern too, but let’s save that for another time.
My point is I wouldn’t want to completely change the show just to give Sam and Dean what they want. But why not give them a handful of episodes where they can catch their breath? Can’t they ever just rest? I suppose they did in the early seasons. Once they beat the monster of the week it was on to the next job, the next crappy motel and the next monster. Sam got some rest and relaxation when Dean was in purgatory though we only see that through flashbacks. Dean got to live a semi-normal life with Ben and Lisa when Sam was stuck in hell.
You’re wondering didn’t you just answer your own question? They got a happy ending, sure, it came at a price, but they got some normalcy. I agree, but why does there always have to be a sacrifice? Why can’t the brothers just decide to stop hunting for awhile? Because there’s always someone who needs saving, and much as I hate to admit,  things would get boring.
Supernatural is on their 11th season and going strong. While it has it’s weak moments I’m sure when the end does come, the writers, actors and crew will make sure it gets the ending it deserves. Let’s move on to Haven, whose time has come after 5 (or 6 depending on how you look at it) seasons.
Stay tuned for part 2 of my rantings/analysis where we look at Haven and what season 5 has been like so far. Do they deserve happiness or not? You’ll just have to read part 2 to find out.

Part 2


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