My Cosplay

This is going to be where i post my cosplay stuff occasionally. I only have one complete costume right now but I’m working on getting stuff for three new outfits. One is for Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, another is Sailor Jupiter from Sailor Moon and the last one is Amy Pond from Doctor Who. I will post pictures of each outfit once I have everything together. I may also post pictures when I get stuff for each outfit but those may be more sporadic.

Here’s some pictures of the wig and the gloves I got for my Edward Elric cosplay.


Sorry there’s not one from the side I couldn’t get a good angle.


Published by: saiyafm5

I like to read books, watch TV and movies, am obsessed with anime, manga and the show Supernatural. During the day I work at an immigration law firm, at night I try to do some writing and generally nerd out on all the comic books shows on TV.

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