Hemlock Grove Review

You know that metaphor about watching a train crash or an accident? You know you should stop watching but you just can’t do it. Hemlock Grove is kind of like that except with werewolves, vampires and messed up humans. That’s not to say it isn’t enjoyable. I loved watching Peter, Roman, Shelley, Olivia and Dr. Price one last time. If Netflix had decided to cancel Hemlock Grove after season 2 I would’ve been upset and kept wondering what happened to Nadia.

I’m not going to miss the sudden decision to kill everyone off because hey, we need something new, or this isn’t working let’s just kill off this character. While the scenery chewing was fun because of the caliber of the acting, I won’t miss that either. If I’m being  honest there’s better stuff to watch on Netflix than Hemlock Grove. Sure, it’s a hot mess from start to finish. The writing sucks, the acting is good but it’s too much at times and there’s always one story line too many.

Despite all of this, I still liked it. I would say I’m in the minority but something worked or Netflix would’ve cancelled it (sooner.) I think it was the characters. Sure there are plenty of other shows about supernatural beings and small towns that do it better. But if Hemlock Grove did one thing right it was to create memorable and relateable characters.  I wanted to know what happened to them and if any of them ever ended up happy. Some of them like Shelley and Annie did. Others like Roman, Dr. Price and Olivia didn’t. Then there’s Peter who got to live, but it was at the cost of not being able to be human again. Point being I cared about them, they felt real and that’s more than I can say for some shows I watch.

It’s hard to review this show because I can’t say go watch it right now. Nor can I say this is a terrible show, don’t ever watch it. I feel like it’s somewhere in between. I guess my final recommendation is to say, if you like werewolves, vampires, and lots of blood you’ll like this show. If you like the main characters you’ll like the show. If you can’t stand bad writing or bizarre writing decisions than don’t watch it. If you hate watching actors go overboard just to make a point or trying to keep track of a lot of story lines (some of which don’t matter that much) it isn’t for you. If none of that deters you than by all means go check it out.


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