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Why David Isn’t Such a Bad Guy After All

I’ve found a new obsession when it comes to games. It’s a prequel called Before The Storm. It’s part of the Life is Strange universe. It’s about a girl named Chloe Price and her new found relationship with another girl named Rachel Amber. It’s also about Chloe’s life and what she has to go through as a regular teenager.

It’s the second part I want to talk about, specifically her relationship or lack thereof with her mom’s boyfriend David. I have some experience with step parents in my own life. My dad remarried when I was in high school and my step mom and I get along great. This experience differs from the one Chloe has with her soon to be step dad. For one thing my mom didn’t die before my step mom Jeanne came into my life. Chloe’s dad William died in a terrible car accident about two years before the game starts. She’s still dealing with that pain and it’s evident as you play her character.

While I like this game one thing that has consistently bugged me is the writing and the dialog for some of the adults in the game. David in particular is painted with such broad strokes that it’s frustrating. I get that Chloe doesn’t get along with him, at all. I get that she’s still dealing with her dad’s death and she feels like her mom has moved on, a little too quickly. I get that my relationship with my step parent are very different from hers. That doesn’t mean you get to paint the step parent as the villain. Sure he has issues and he’s too hard on Chloe at times, but he tries. As the saying goes, you can’t fault for someone for trying, nor should you but the game seems to.