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My Angel

*Note there are major spoilers for Supernatural in this post, you’ve been warned. If you don’t care read on. If you do I suggest watching season 4 (of the show.) If you have a ton of time then I recommend seasons 4, 5 and 6. But I realize people have better things to do with their lives. Unless I’ve found someone who’s a willing convert in which case welcome.

My angel doesn’t wear a halo or have fluffy white wings. He doesn’t wear a long flowing white robe. He wears a trench coat and a blue tie. He may lose his way occasionally, but he’s the most loyal person you’ll ever meet. Whenever I feel depressed, sad or scared I know I can look at his picture and I instantly start to feel better.

It’s his human side that I like the best. The one that thinks Bugs Bunny is some sort of hybrid insect rabbit monster that has to be killed immediately; not a joke about how someone died. It’s the way he looks at people when he knows he’s let them down. It’s the way he acts when he knows he shouldn’t have beaten his best friend within an inch of his life, but he did it anyway.

My angel isn’t all doom and gloom, there are funny things too. Like the way he flirts with women or the way he plays everything as straight-faced as possible. He can stab someone through the heart with a blade, or use his powers to obliterate someone; it’s not like does this often, only when he has a good supply of grace, which tends to come and go. He may be flawed but he’s a warrior too.

You may have guessed who I’m talking about by now. IF you haven’t then you don’t watch Supernatural. I’ll let that slide for now. Either way here’s a little background info for you. My angel isn’t real (who has real ones anyway?) he’s a character on a TV show. His name is Castiel and he’s an ally of Dean and Sam Winchester. He started off as an agent of Heaven whose mission was to make Dean a vessel of the archangel Michael. He wasn’t shy about using his grace to hurt, maim or kill anyone who got in his way. This changed once he got to know Sam and especially, Dean, (who he rescued from Hell.) He becomes more human because of his interactions with the brothers and because of his long stay on Earth.

There’s a big theme of sacrifice in the show and Cas is no exception. He sacrifices his sanity to help Sam by taking on Sam’s visions of Lucifer. He sacrifices his humanity when he makes a deal with Crowley (the King of Hell), opens a portal to Purgatory and tries to become God. In most cases Cas’s sacrifices hurt him more than they help him; but he does it to protect the people he loves. I think we can all relate to that.

Cas is a flawed character, despite being an angel. He’s very human for an angel, as you can see. This is why I turn to him when my own life isn’t so great. I figure if Cas can come back from seeing Lucifer wherever he goes, or being possessed by Leviathans, (a nasty shape shifter that bleeds black goo) I can get over being pissed off at something I heard on the news, or getting some bad news about a friend or a family member.

You’re probably thinking okay, he sounds like an interesting character but he’s not real. Why would you want to incorporate that into your daily life? Why do we turn to religion? Why do some of us believe in God, or Allah or the divinity of Jesus? What I’m trying to get at is that religion can give us hope, a sense of belonging we can’t find in elsewhere, it can give us a refuge from the hellish landscape that is the world we live in. . Yes, Castiel (or Cas as I like to call him) isn’t real. That doesn’t matter, it’s what he stands for that does. He stands for hope, for healing, for leaving the world a better place. That sounds like something worth standing for to me.

We all turn to different things when we’re stressed, anxious, depressed, angry etc. Some people turn to religion, others listen to music or watch a favorite movie or TV show. If you’ve been following my blog you have an idea of what I turn to. Cas is just an extension of that. That’s not to say I don’t talk to actual people, or that I walk around talking to a fictional character all the time (I don’t FYI.) Sometimes it’s nice to escape into a world that isn’t my own for a couple of hours. I figure as long as it’s not hurting anyone why not turn to a character on a TV show to make myself feel better? My point is as long as people can find something that makes them happy instead of sad or depressed regardless of what it is; does it matter whether it’s real or not? I’d like to think that it doesn’t.