My Cosplay Stuff

This is where I will put any and all cosplay (short for costume play) material. Currently I’m trying to figure out a cosplay for Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist and Motoko Kusnagi from Ghost in the Shell. I have other ideas but they either haven’t come together quite yet or I haven’t figured out what version of the character I want to do.

Full disclosure life is busy and hectic which means this page will be updated on an irregular basis. This means if I happen to have a bunch of free time and have materials to work on cosplay, there will be lots of updates, if I don’t then there won’t be. I will occasionally order new pieces (if I come across stuff.) If it’s something worth posting than I will do so.

Since I had a few pictures up on here already here’s what little I have so far.

A picture of the wig I got from Amazon for the Edward Elric cosplay.

The wig

A picture of the wig on me


Picture of one of the gloves, (for a possible Colonel Mustang cosplay) they fit kinda tight but I think they’ll work okay